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Monumentenwacht is the non-profit organisation that was set up to conserve Dutch built heritage by means of preventative maintenance measures.
The first Monumentenwacht organization was founded in the Dutch province of Friesland in 1973. Monument Watch of Noord-Brabant was established in 1975.
At present, some 24,000 listed buildings are inspected in the Netherlands every year and their owners are advised on how to preserve them.
The main activities of Monumentenwacht Noord-Brabant are:

  • performing technical inspections of built heritage, i.e. listed buildings, historic interiors, archaeological and other monuments, in the Dutch province of Noord-Brabant;
  • carrying out small-scale and preventative maintenance to the built heritage;
  • helping owners conserve built heritage and apply preventative maintenance;
  • giving advice on effective and cost-effective preservation of built heritage;
  • advising provincial and municipal authorities as they develop policy on built heritage;
  • disseminating knowledge of built cultural heritage.


The starting point for all activities performed by Monumentenwacht Noord-Brabant is a vision that has been developed over time.
The main elements of this vision are:

  • Since cultural heritage largely determines the identity of an individual person and of a community, such as a village, a town, a city, a region or a province, this cultural heritage is held in high esteem by a large part of the community. Monuments and buildings form an essential part of this. As these objects are irreplaceable, it is important that they be maintained to their full extent and in a good state;
  • Monuments are not only indispensable as carriers of an identity, but they often also fulfil economic roles. Many such objects still offer a high-quality function of use. And in addition, a city's or region's monumental heritage strongly improves its attraction for tourists;
  • The conservation of cultural heritage often costs more than the returns yielded by the objects in question. Structural preventative maintenance can help prevent decay and further damage, limiting the costs of conservation;
  • The preventative approach employed by Monumentenwacht (inspection, emergency repairs, advice) seamlessly blends in with the policies of the authorities, aiming at sustainable conservation of built heritage;
  • Preventative maintenance is improved by monitoring the state of the heritage, indicating in time that measures are necessary, making owners aware of their responsibility for good conservation and informing them of the instruments that are available for this;
  • Monument Watch strives to gain maximum expertise in preventative and other conservation techniques and assumes an independent and impartial position in all its activities. We are convinced that this serves the interests of all parties (the owners of built heritage, governments, companies and Monumentenwacht itself);
  • Conservation of listed buildings and monuments is more costly than that of ordinary buildings. At the same time, responsible conservation of such built heritage serves a general community interest. Because Monumentenwacht stimulates cost-effective conservation, we receive financial support from the province of Noord-Brabant. This support serves a much wider function and also has an important economic effect, as our inspections and recommendations lead to investments and work for lots of other parties;
  • Since collaborating with partners in the field of heritage increases the effectiveness of our work, Monumentenwacht Noord-Brabant strives for constructive relations with such parties as the Brabant provincial administration, fellow Monumentenwacht organisations, diverse cultural institutions both in Noord-Brabant and beyond, as well as international heritage platforms.


On the basis of the above vision, the mission that Monumentenwacht Noord-Brabant envisages for itself can be formulated as follows:
  • Preventing decay of cultural heritage -specifically monumental buildings, historic interiors and archaeological monuments- in the province of Noord-Brabant by regular inspection, effective emergency repairs, providing expert and impartial advice to owners and governments, and independent knowledge dissemination;
  • The main and eventual goal of this is that all monumental buildings and archaeological monuments in the province of Noord-Brabant are conserved in an optimum state by means of preventative maintenance.





Monumentenwacht Noord-Brabant has derived the following objectives from its mission:

  • stopping decay of monumental buildings, historic interiors and archaeological objects;
  • supporting owners and managers in caring for and conserving their buildings or monuments;
  • stimulating sustainable, high quality maintenance and restoration activities;
  • putting policy on built heritage on the agendas of local and national governments, to the extent that it relates to the Monumentenwacht mission;
  • monitoring the state of maintenance of cultural heritage and recording the findings in reports that can be widely used;
  • contributing to effective information provision on the conservation of cultural heritage, specifically in the province of Noord-Brabant;
  • spreading the ‘Monumentenwacht method’, both nationally and internationally, such that sound policy on

    preventative maintenance of built heritage can also be developed elsewhere.


Monumentenwacht Noord-Brabant handles the international contacts for the entire Dutch Monumentenwacht organisation. In this context, we participate in such European projects as the European Heritage Legal Forum, COST projects, the European Union Cultural Heritage Identity Card and ECTP FACH projects. This has resulted in many contacts, both with governments and with organisations in most European countries, as well as in countries outside Europe.

Organisations that can be compared to Monumentenwacht are already operational or are being established in several countries.

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